Augmented Reality for Health Monitoring Laboratory

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Across the years, processing techniques have evolved from analog conditioning to digital signal processing. Today, artificial intelligence (AI), and in particular machine learning and deep learning, is being used to retrieve information from data in a novel way. Nowadays, applications of these techniques are all around us, from voice recognition and synthesis to the analysis of  health-related biosignals, and the possibilities we have with such AI-based processing were unexpected and unimaginable few years ago. The research activities of our laboratory concerning this topic are mainly focused on the analysis of electrocardiograms (ECG) and electroencephalographic (EEG) signals. In particular, the activities carried on for this research branch are:

  • early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
  • processing of visually evoked potentials for brain-computer interfaces
  • processing of motor imagery signals for brain-computer interfaces
  • monitoring of sustained attention by means of electroencephalography
  • emotion recognition with electroencephalography
  • classification of the engagement level in educational gaming



Augmented Reality for Health Monitoring Laboratory

80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21 - DIETI block
Tel  (+39) 081 123456 -  Fax (+39) 081 654321

80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21
Tel (+39) 081 123456
Fax (+39) 081 654321
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