Augmented Reality for Health Monitoring Laboratory

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VR and AR have certainly become well-established technologies, also thanks to the widespread

availability of consumer devices. Nevertheless, in contexts such as the medical one, any VR/AR application is required to guarantee specific

metrological specifications, otherwise it may become useless if not dangerous. For example, accurate registration and tracking are crucial in

delivering successful AR-assisted surgical procedures. Similarly, camera calibration and additional offset parameters may contribute to decrease

the overall accuracy and reliability of an AR system.  ARHeMLab aims at bridging this gap by thoroughly addressing the metrological aspects

behind AR/VR in order to make the use of these technologies safe and robust also in sensitive application fields.


Augmented Reality for Health Monitoring Laboratory

80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21 - DIETI block
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80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21
Tel (+39) 081 123456
Fax (+39) 081 654321
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