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EEG-based system for Executive Function fatigue Detection

Executive functions (EFs) are a set of neurocognitive processes involved in goal-oriented problem solving. Based on the attentional capacity theory, humans have limited cognitive resources. 

 The ability to stand or walk while simultaneously carrying out cognitive tasks is a critical skill for most daily-life activities. The cost of performing dual task is greater in the elderly and in people with age-related neurodegenerative conditions.

Reduced ability to allocate sufficient cognitive resources or their fatigue may result in increased risk of falls and loss of independence. Therefore, the identification of a marker for the EFs fatigue detection enables the prediction of falls and targeted rehabilitation intervention in the case of neurodegenerative disorder or ageing.

Several studies show how EEG neuro-correlated allows to assess the “amount” of cognitive resources involved in one or more tasks. Therefore, they can be used as a marker of the EFs fatigue.

EEG data have been acquired in a contest of dual task: the subject is simultaneously involved in cognitive and motor activities (walking).

The aim of this thesis is to process the EEG data acquired during the experimental campaign in order to identify (i) the EEG features of an Executive Function fatigue condition, and (ii) the Executive Functions (and their EEG features) involved in motor tasks and responsible for the deterioration of gait performance.


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