Augmented Reality for Health Monitoring Laboratory

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Instrumentation and Measurement for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a technology capable of interpreting human intentions by reading user neuronal activity.

Focusing on non invasive electroencephalography (EEG), the brain activity is monitored as electrical signals measured on specific areas of the BCI-device user?s scalp. Brain Computer Interface (BCI) has the potential to become a powerful interface, which could improve the communication between a human and a machine.
Research Claims:
- Hardware: Prototyping of low density and high wearability  (dry electrodes) electroencephalographic systems.
- Software: Enancing accuracy and latency for the classification of SSVEP signals, motor imagery and mental states concerning cognitive load, stress and engagement.
Application fields:
- Health: applications for ADHD rehabilitation, motor rehabilitation, autism.
- Industrial: maintenance 4.0, safety."


Augmented Reality for Health Monitoring Laboratory

80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21 - DIETI block
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80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21
Tel (+39) 081 123456
Fax (+39) 081 654321
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