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Cybersecurity For Wireless Sensor Networks

A “Wireless Sensor Network” (WSN) is a group of sensors distributed in the environment that collects data and transfers them by means of a wireless channel.

As these sensors could employ sensitive data, their security is essential to avoid an attacker to eavesdrop and modify transmitted data, or insert unauthorized messages into the network.

Cryptographic algorithms, typically used to allow information security, could leak information from the algorithm implementation. Therefore, Side-Channel Attacks (SCA) were developed, that, by exploiting these leaked information, reveal the secret key and break a system.


Research activity:

Implementation of Side-Channel Attacks to provide a vulnerability analysis of the most used symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithm, with the aim of testing the reliability of cryptographic algorithms to protect wireless sensor networks.


Augmented Reality for Health Monitoring Laboratory

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80100 Naples (ITALY) - Via Claudio, 21
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